About me

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One does not simply become a photographer purely because you own a camera. As an artist I work constantly to improve and compete against myself, by not simply copying others and trying to create signature work at the end of the day. It is my duty to show you the detail in a moment you might have missed or highlight an emotion you never new was there. My training as a classical ballet and flamenco dancer and further exposure to theatre and film productions early in life, gave me an acute awareness for space, lighting, depth, shadows, patterns, symmetry and composition. When it comes to framing and styling, this foundation really comes in handy.

Spending the majority of my time outdoors, I use Nikon’s D800 36.3 MP full frame body boasting both stills and HD video capabilities. And then, of course I do believe one should invest in good quality optics and choice of lenses. Uniquely captured and above average images and video material are always in demand, whether it be for the printed media, web, commercial, corporate or private use.

To deliver a professional product that grabs the attention and provokes an emotion is key and that is what I strive for.