Stud Game & Cattle

You are in need of a professional photographer that can capture an image of your stud game animal or breeding herd, displaying good body condition and a favourable stance. These high-resolution images will be suitable for published auction catalogues, magazine adverts & on-line marketing (websites and social media). For best lighting conditions, shoots must ideally be scheduled for early mornings, late afternoons or alternatively at feeding times.

Daily rate @ R4000 per day (suggested minimum two-day shoot)
No VAT payable

  • R2000 deposit secures the booking and will be deducted from the total amount due
  • Accommodation on/near location to be provided by the client
  • Travel expenses by car calculated at R4.80 per kilometre.
  • Should travel arrangements by air be more economical, air fares and car rental will be relevant in stead of R p/km.
  • High-resolution images will be delivered on a DVD – could be supplied day after shoot (allow three hours for post-production) or couriered afterwards. Images could also be sent via ‘dropbox’ if preferred.
  • Images will be handed over as soon as invoice has been settled in full

Additional products available:

(to be quoted separately)

  • auction catalogues (photography, layout & print)
  • corporate video/video clips/promo’s for social media, website or display at auction


  • Bernard Groenewald - Golden Breeders
  • Werner Olivier - Karibu Stud
  • Lizelle Lamprecht - Crown Game Breeders/Bloodline
  • Joan Jackson - Geowild


Liesl-C has the ability to bring the abstract and reality together to produce outstanding wildlife photography – Ellalien Davey, Romacho Ranch (Wildboer van die jaar 2013).